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Meet our display family!

The market have told us they want a low cost solution to meet their needs, without compromising on quality. They asked, we listened, and created a range of display units that are:

Available in different sizes to suit all categories & sku’s
Retailer compliant
Designed, tried and
tested in OZ

Introducing Betty, Bob and Susan – a family of displays here to meet all of your needs!

09 HS3S-UPD.jpg

Small Betty
Style: HS3SB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 310 W: 280 H: 1080 H (w/ header): 1270

08 HS3M-UPD.jpg

Medium Betty
Style: HS3MB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 435 W: 370 H: 1370 H (w/ header): 1555

07 HS3L-UPD.jpg

Big Betty
Style: HS3BB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 555 W: 370 H: 1390 H (w/ header): 1580

06 FD4S-UPD.jpg

Small Bob
Style: FD4SB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 310 W: 310 H: 1175

05 FD4M-UPD.jpg

Medium Bob
Style: FD4MB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 435 W: 375 H: 1145

04 FD4L-UPD.jpg

Big Bob
Style: FD4LB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 550 W: 375 H: 1165

03 NC4S-UPD.jpg

Small Susan
Style: NC4SS
Dimensions (mm):
L: 400 W: 305 H: 1145 H (w/ header): 1475

02 NC4M-UPD.jpg

Medium Susan
Style: NC4MB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 525 W: 370 H: 1145 H (w/ header): 1475

01 NC4L-UPD.jpg

Big Susan
Style: NC4LS

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Next day delivery within Australia only. For all other countries, please enquire and we can set up an ETA.

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