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Point of Sale Displays

At Unlimited Packaging and Display, we offer a variety of Point of Sale Displays that can be fully customized to meet our clients needs. We can help you decide the best range for your products, whether that’s towers, gondolas, shelf-readys, dump bins or floor stands. From the initial design all the way to manufacturing and delivery, we control the entire process. If your looking for a cost-effective tool to help your brand to create impact in-store. POS displays are a great way to showcase your brand, attract customers and highlight your current campaign or promotion. View our catalouge below and get in touch in regards to any enquiries.


We create bespoke prototypes in house for our clients to view and refine the design in-person before production.


We manage the production with our factories, organising critical time paths and perform regular quality control checks to ensure the highest quality.


Need your display fast? The turnaround time from overseas production to delivery in Australia is approximately 6 – 8 weeks.


If convenience is an important factor for you, we can pre-pack certain displays with your product and use designs that optimise efficiences for quick set up in-store.


Dump Bin
Code: AB1001
Dimensions (mm):
500 L 350 W 560 H

CC Dump Bin
Code: AB1016
Dimensions (mm):
580 L x 580 W x 603 H

NC Kraft (4 Shelf)
Code: NK2004
Dimensions (mm):
535 L x 243 W x 1665 H

Shake Up Classic
Code: SC2017
Dimensions (mm):
465 L x 432 W x 1150 H

Shake up Lip
Code: SL2019
Dimensions (mm):
445 L x 445 W x 1150 H

Slimline Tower (5 Shelf)
Code: AT1002
Dimensions (mm):
223 L x 300 W x 1335 H

8 Pocket Tower
Code: AT2003
Dimensions (mm):
245 L x 250 W x 1310 H

Small Tower (4 Shelf)
Code: AT2004
Dimensions (mm):
445 L x 292 W x 1520 H

UPD Tower
Code: AT2005
Dimensions (mm):
495 L x 300 W x 1460 H

5 Shelf Tower
Code: AT2006
Dimensions (mm):
362 L x 292 W x 1445 H

Snap And Fill Display
Code: AT2007
Dimensions (mm):
457 L x 350 W x 2015 H

Large Tower (4 Shelf)
Code: AT2008
Dimensions (mm):
560 L x 380 W x 1330 H

UPD 4 Shelf Tower
Code: AT2009
Dimensions (mm):
440 L x 432 W x 1700H

Cascading Gondola End
Code: AD3010
Dimensions (mm):
502 L x 770 W x 1500 H

Gondola End Display w/ Bin
Code: AD3011
Dimensions (mm):
502 L x 1150W x 1810 H

Gondola End Display
Code: AD3012
Dimensions (mm):
720 L x 1215 W x 1895 H

Dress Up Kits

Dress Up Kits allow our clients to change out campaigns easily and quickly while still being able to reuse the corrugated units you already have in store. Resulting in a dispaly that you can use time and time again by just updating the Dress Up Kit for you latest promotion. Any updates to the display can easily be applied by your merchandising team.

Our dress up kits are available in 4 sizes and die lines ready to go! All we need is your artwork to be applied.

Product Catalogue 2020

We are continuously in the process of innovating and have new POS Displays being designed. Please fill the form below if you would like a copy of our latest product catalogue sent to your inbox.

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