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Meet The Display Family!

Cost-effective display solutions to optimise your brand’s performance in-store

At Unlimited, we have developed a cost-effective display solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. Introducing the Display family! Say hello to Betty, Bob and Susan Display. A family of POS units that are retailer compliant and available in a variety of sizes to suit all categories and sku’s. Designed for a variety of retail channels from grocery and convenience to pharmacy and hardware, a member of our Display family is here to cater for your needs!

All units can be customised to meet your brand requirements.
Please reach out with your enquiry and we can have a quote to you within 48 hours.
Want to meet a family member in person? Request a FREE prototype.

Sized to suit all
categories & sku’s
Retailer compliant
Designed, tried and
tested in Australia
Introducing Betty, Bob, Susan, Uncle Bob & Cousin Nancy
Betty Wesbite

Small Betty
Style: HS3SB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 310 W: 280 H: 1080 H (w/ header): 1270

Medium Betty POS Display

Medium Betty
Style: HS3MB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 435 W: 370 H: 1370 H (w/ header): 1555

Big Betty POS Display

Big Betty
Style: HS3BB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 555 W: 370 H: 1390 H (w/ header): 1580

Bob Wesbite

Small Bob
Style: FD4SB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 310 W: 310 H: 1175

Medium Bob POS Display

Medium Bob
Style: FD4MB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 435 W: 375 H: 1145

Big Bob POS Display

Big Bob
Style: FD4LB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 550 W: 375 H: 1165

Suzie Wesbite

Small Susan
Style: NC4SS
Dimensions (mm):
L: 400 W: 305 H: 1145 H (w/ header): 1475

Medium Susan POS Display

Medium Susan
Style: NC4MB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 525 W: 370 H: 1145 H (w/ header): 1475

Big Susan POS Display

Big Susan
Style: NC4LS
Dimensions (mm):
L: 550 W: 370 H: 1418mm

Uncle Bob Wesbite

Small Uncle Bob
Style: FD4SUB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 310 W: 310 H: 1175
*holds up to 8kgs per shelf

Medium Uncle Bob

Medium Uncle Bob
Style: FD4MUB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 435 W: 375 H: 1145
*holds up to 8kgs per shelf

Large Uncle Bob for Website

Big Uncle Bob
Style: FD4LUB
Dimensions (mm):
L: 550 W: 375 H: 1165
*holds up to 8kgs per shelf

Nancy Wesbite

Small Nancy
Style: FD4SN
Dimensions (mm):
L: 305 W: 305 H: 1418

Nancy Medium

Medium Nancy
Style: FD4MN
Dimensions (mm):
L: 431 W: 363 H: 1397

Nancy Large

Big Nancy
Style: FD4LN
Dimensions (mm):
L: 548 W: 370 H: 1418


Want to meet the family in person?
We can have a FREE prototype to you the next day*. Request a proto, pronto!


*Next day delivery within Australia only. For all other countries, please enquire and we will provide an ETA.

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