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Fruit and Produce Packaging

Fruit Packaging | Stackable Trays | Corrugated Cartons | Lid and Base | Litho Cartons

Packaging plays an essential role throughout the fresh fruit and produce process, from growth to distribution, to being ready to purchase. At UPD, we can design and produce packaging to meet your requirements at every stage of the journey. Whether your primary purpose is to protect the product while in transit, or if you are considering a custom shelf-ready box, our experts can help.

We offer a variety of fruit and produce packaging solutions ranging from shelf-ready trays, stackable trays, folding cartons, lid and base, 1-piece boxes and litho corrugated boxes. We consider every element of the process, from storage temperature, mode of transport, distance and the stacking layout used. Choosing from custom board thickness, sizes, depth, colour, print methods and materials to find the perfect match for your product and brand.

At UPD, we are continually investigating grocery packaging to present new sustainable alternatives to our customers. We’ve recognised a great opportunity for improvement and innovation within the Fresh Produce sector, identifying the need to reduce plastic and wastage and increase reusability. Chat to our team about your packaging requirements and more sustainable alternatives today.

Custom Fruit Boxes

We design and produce custom branded fruit cartons that are retail-ready and prolong freshness. Choose the size (1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg cartons), style and an optional window to display the fruit to consumers.

Offer a sustainable pre-packaged alternative by using eco-friendly materials that can be recycled at home through kerbside collection.


We specialise in packaging for both retail and wholesale markets. Some of our major fruit categories include:



Our design team can develop packaging that perfectly fits your product and aligns with your brand. We can suggest innovative ways to make your product stand out, by way of practical and attractive enhancements. Throughout the design process, we supply prototypes and complete thorough product testing to refine the carton until ready for production, where we ensure quality control from print to finishing.
Not sure what Produce and Fruit Boxes you require?

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