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Folding Cartons

Crashlock Bottom | Envelope Bottom | Reverse Tuck | Aero Tuck

Folding Cartons are solid board cartons ideally suited to the packaging of lightweight products. They can be used to package and display anything from makeup to cereal. Folding Cartons are one of the most commonly used boxes on the market which are highly customisable for any product.

At Unlimited Packaging & Display, we supply a variety of foldable flat-packed boxes for food and retail items. We can produce cake boxes, confectionery boxes, retail boxes, chocolate boxes and biscuit boxes. Folding cartons include simple yet stylish cosmetic packaging as well. With a wide variety of the latest materials and finishes to choose from. Folding Cartons also come in different sizes and thickness, in order to accommodate your product requirements.

Why use Folding Cartons?

Beige Juice Box

Folding Cartons combine structural rigidity with cushioning qualities to protect heavy or fragile contents from damage.


Folding Cartons are lightweight and clean, lowering shipping costs with fewer trucks, less fuel and lower emissions.


Folding Cartons provide stylish, modern designs with the ability to create a viewing window for food products on shelves.


Folding Cartons are renewably-sourced and can be reused and recycled to make new boxes and other products.

Uses of Folding Cartons

Innovative packaging can be explored using folding cartons. At UPD we have experts including structural designers that can create the right shape for your product packaging. Be it food packaging, cosmetic packaging, beverage packaging or even industrial packaging:

Cake Boxes
Cake Boxes
Cosmetic Boxes
Cosmetic Boxes
Industrial Boxes
Industrial Boxes
Confectionery Boxes
Confectionery Boxes


Folding Cartons printing options include one to six colour printing, litho-laminate printing and direct printing. We offer solutions such as litho laminated onto a variety of different papers including Coated 1 Side (C1S), Coated 2 Side (C2S), CCNB (Recycled Board) etc. This is accompanied by a range of finishes such as gloss varnish or a matte laminate to protect the print and present your artwork at it’s full potential.

Want to take it up a notch? We can suggest the right embellishments for your packaging including foil stamping, embossing, de-bossing, spot gloss UV etc.

folding cartons

Find out more about Folding Cartons

At UPD we have experts including structural designers that can create the right shape for your product packaging. Each of the styles below can be customized based on your product:


Crash Lock Bottom                                          Envelope Bottom                                                 Aero Tuck



Our in-house design team can assist in developing a carton that is perfect for your product. With our specilialist structural and graphic designers, we can suggest innovation in terms of achieving practical and attractive packaging that will stand out from competitors. By supplying you with a prototype, it encourages you to test the product, refine the deisgn and be rest assured. When it comes to production, our team is available to ensure quality control from print to finishing.

Not sure what Folding Carton you require?

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