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Alcohol & Beverage Industry Insights 2021

Consumer Behaviour



2020 has left many thirsty for in person interactions such as social events, coffee catch-ups, after work happy hours or weekend drinks. So how must beverage brands quench this thirst?

We have put together a list of key trends in the beverage industry to help brands get a deeper insight into the evolution of the market and where it is headed in the near future.


Trends in the Market

Consumer are moving towards more easy to drink options that help give consumers the instant grab and go convenience. Following in the footsteps of soft drink and beer manufacturers’ brands by switching to easier option for canned water, hard seltzers and jar cocktails.


There is a major focus on drinks that satisfy wellbeing and include added benefits of nutrition, vitamins and probiotics (fueling bodies with nutrition etc.). Consumers are now more than ever willing to try new and healthier alternative to their standard drink choices.


88% of consumers are more inclined to be loyal to companies that support environmental issues and who are conscious of their impact on the environment. This has resulted in new product developments and packaging innovations. There is a search for beverage packaging that is designed to reduce the environmental impact and sustainability sourced materials and fully recyclable materials.

Rise of Luxury and Premium Beverage Products

Despite COVID hitting the alcohol industry hard premium and high-end alcohol tier brands have shown the highest growth with consumer opting for more authentic and sophisticated drinks/ The Spirt market is set to lead the pack over the coming months
Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Beverages

The portability and single-serve nature of RTDs has proven a key factor of growth, especially during Covid-19. Between 2019 and 2020, consumers in 10 key RTD markets gained close to 2000 new RTD products.


Emergence of E-Commerce


Demand has risen steadily as consumers have increasingly switched to online retail channels out of convenience. Revenue is anticipated to rise by a further 16.0% in the current year.

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