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The Sweet Spot – Bakery and Patisserie Industry Trends

With the pandemic altering how consumers get their fix of baked goods, major players around the world made the shift to online ordering and delivery. Who wouldn’t love to have their cake (delivered) and eat it too?

We have put together a list of key trends in the bakery and patisserie industry to help brands get a deeper insight into the evolution of the market and where it is headed in the near future:

Trends in the Australian Market

Industry revenue is projected to rise at an annualised 1.5% over the five years through 2025-26, to $3.7 billion.

Competition from Supermarkets

  • Woolworths and Coles have becoming an increasing source of competition for bakeries over the past five years, as they continue to expand into the fresh food market.
  • Coles installed 33 new bakeries, hired approximately 390 additional bakers and introduced close to 100 new bakery products in 2017.
  • Laurent x Coles artisan breads starting at $2.75. 
  • They also produce a growing range of premium cakes, including made-to-order birthday and celebration cakes often sold at cheaper prices than independent bakeries


  • Consumer tastes have become increasingly sophisticated over the past decade. Cafes and restaurants have responded to changing consumer demand by serving artisanal products.
  • Consumer preferences for healthier breads have encouraged food manufacturers and bakers to introduce bread products with additional health benefits, including high-fibre, iron-enriched and low-GI breads

Major Players:

–  BAKERS DELIGHT HOLDINGS LTD –  Market Share: 12.9%
currently has 16 bakeries trialling a new online system, which allows consumers to organise delivery, click and collect or catering orders from their local bakery


–  RETAIL FOOD GROUP – Including Brumby’s Bakeries, Michel’s Patisserie, bb’s cafe, Donut King, Pizza Capers Gourmet Kitchen, Crust Gourmet Pizza, Gloria Jean’s Coffees and Esquires Coffee Houses.


Health concerns have weakened demand for other high-sugar products, cakes have remained popular as consumers tend to view them as inexpensive treats

Product Trends for 2021

  • SNACKS – rise in artisan premium chocolate and high-end pastry items grow far beyond this year. If we want to self-indulge with a treat, we want it to be the best quality! So, don’t expect to see the trend of premium snacking to be slowing down anytime soon.
  • VIENNOISERIE PASTRIES (French reference for croissants and danish) –  expect to see more and more local artisan patisseries offering danishes and croissants in a rich variety of flavours and forms. It’s the croissant renaissance!
  • BIG cookies, chunky cookies packed with lots of textures
  • Plant based cooking – More consumers are opting towards plant-based dishes, whether it is catering to specific dietary requirements or for ethical consumption, plant-based and animal-free baking will continue to grow to the forefront
  • High Quality And Preservative-Free Products – more people tend to read labels and choose home churned nut butter, low sugar chocolate spreads and fresh fruit jams instead of supermarket bottles

There are endless possibilities in bakery packaging and we are excited to help you brainstorm on how to capitalise on the industry trends for 2021 listed above. We at UPD can help you choose the right substrates and print methods to create packaging that is made of high-quality materials and contains an engaging design.

If you are looking for attention-grabbing packaging, please reach out to one of our packaging experts at [email protected]. We are happy to schedule a quick consult and would love to hear more about your bakery and patisserie packaging project!