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BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag

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We have all been hit by the strong messaging of how using plastic bags are detrimental to the environment. Being a solid waste material, plastic bags sit in landfills while also clogging drains and flowing into oceans. Did you know, Australians have used up to 10 million plastic bags every day – an astonishing 4 billion every year?

The legislation coming into effect in Victoria on November 1st, will ensure all single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags with a thickness of 35 microns or less will be banned, including bags made from degradable, biodegradable and compostable plastic. It is thus crucial that companies and individuals switch to providing & using recyclable paper bags or a better alternative being non-woven bags.

Non-woven bags can be used by a variety of industries including groceries, department stores, specialty stores, e-commerce businesses and many more. They are environmentally friendly and practical. Kraft paper carry bags that are strong and made of natural brown paper can also be an eco-friendly choice. Alternatively recycled paper carry bags can also be laminated to make a statement and give a premium look. Many customers re-use these bags for gifting purpose.

How to be a better bag ambassador?

Don’t forget to carry your reusable bag when you go shopping! Here are some interesting facts:


75% of Victorians are regularly
bringing reusable bags with them
when shopping for food


Out of reusable bag users, 40%
still forget to take it with them
when they go shopping


25% males currently rely on
single-use plastic bags when
food shopping compared to
just 14% females

Apart from it’s benefits to the environment, non-woven bags and paper carry bags are a source of real estate for branding and serve as a marketing tool. Investing in quality bags will carry your business a long way.

Chat to us about the various material and print options for your carry bags today!

– Rozanne Vaz, Marketing Assistant @ UPD