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Our packaging went worldwide

International Packaging Fair:

We recently exhibited at the Hong Kong International Print and Packaging Fair with Fusion. It was our debut show, bringing together members of our Australian and Hong Kong teams to represent us at this remarkable event. The fair was action-packed with a sea of visitors swarming in over the four-day event. We were lucky to share our vast range of packaging capabilities and our unique supply chain solutions with attendees from all over the world.

Packaging Market Trends:

The event gave us great insight into market trends and additional expertise in our space. Sustainability was a huge theme across the fair with both consumers and exhibitors. Businesses are putting greater emphasis on how they can minimise their carbon footprint and are increasingly moving away from plastic to recyclable paper-based packaging and green printing solutions. Being an end-to-end service, we were able to discuss with businesses how we can develop a tailored solution to reduce their environmental impact across their packaging design, production and distribution.

It was great to see new trends arising, including incorporating digital elements and smart packaging. This included using QR codes, RFID tags and Augmented Reality (AR) as aspects of the packaging design. These advancements provide consumers with more convenient information about the brand or product with the touch of a button. AR allows for advertising and promotional campaign to become fully immersive and create great engagement with the consumer.

Our standout exhibit:

The Unlimited and Fusion stall was a crowd favourite amongst the 512 international exhibitors. With our corrugated train (The UPD Express) being a standout feature at the fair, adding theatre to our stall and providing the perfect pit-stop for our visitors. It also highlighted our point of sale expertise and how businesses can create a further impact in store with cardboard temporary displays. To bring an element of surprise to stall, we handed out paper speakers for our visitors to take home!

We look forward to getting in touch with everyone we meet at the fair! Our team will be attending the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2020 showcasing more exciting offerings, stay tuned.