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What’s in Store For 2020 Packaging Trends?

2020 Packaging Trends

Packaging is a multi-sensory experience, and now you can even taste it!


Augmented reality (AR), cloud labelling, anti-counterfeiting packs and track-and-trace tech is set to grow in 2020. Interactive packaging has the ability to educate customers on various topics such as the environmental impact of the carton and it also allows businesses to encourage an eco-friendly approach, while maintaining brand impact and user engagement.

Today, customers can grab their phones and use them to scan and discover information through AR such as the product’s ingredients, thus acting as a new arena for points of interaction with the user. It also drives purchase intent, loyalty and repeat sales.

Interactive Packaging
Minimalist Food Packaging


With a continuation from 2019, minimalist packaging is a trend for 2020 as well. The reason for this is to allow the product to be the hero of the brand while packaging is the companion. In this day and age of technology and spontaneity, users are time-poor and do not have the capacity to read through unending amounts of information.

Thus brands are starting to cater to the customers’ needs and use simple styles of packaging with a focus on the right colours and fonts to be able to convey their message straight to the point – no fluff.


With the increasing number of online shopping transactions made today, there is a need for the delivery process to be seamless. The journey of the package from production to the customer is estimated to have up to 30 touch points before it is delivered.

With this, comes an increased demand in making sure the product is protected, while also keeping in mind the aesthetic of the package as well as needs for sustainability.

Mailable Packaging
Sustainable Packaging


Sustainable packaging continues to be at the forefront when it comes to trends. A specific threat is the ever-growing problem of plastic pollution that people are aiming to combat by owning their social responsibility.

For example, the refusal to use plastic straws and single use bags in favour of reusable items and thus seeking greener products. This would mean it is essential for manufacturers to address this goal and aim to be plastic-free or close.


A new trend in extension to recyclable packaging is edible packaging. A great example of this was the partnership between
Bacardi and Sorbos; who created edible straws to use while making cocktails.

Many companies are also opting for edible cutlery and other food packaging such as Bruxel and Evoware’s edible waffle packaging. Another example is the Saltwater Brewery that developed edible ring holders made from wheat and barley by reutilizing natural by-products of beer production.

Edible Packaging