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Cancer Council Summer Campaign

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Did you know Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world? An average of 2 out of 3 Australians could be diagnosed with a skin cancer by the age of 70! These alarming numbers are the reason organisations such as Vitality Brands and Cancer Council have develop and distribute their range of sunscreens across the country.

CCA Sunscreen range (Image source: CCA)

Vitality Brands is a good-for-you wellness products company that promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. As a part of their Summer 2019 campaign, Unlimited Packaging & Display partnered with Vitality Brands to produce a range of Product Display Units (PDUs) that have been rolled out in major stores across Australia. Some of these stores include big names such as Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths, Priceline Pharmacy and several individual stores.

CCA Steps (Image source: CCA)

We began the planning earlier this year by brainstorming on the brief and conceptualizing ways to incorporate the messaging and graphics of Cancer Council. We have all heard the famous “Slip, Slap, Slop” that was rolled out many years ago. This is embedded strongly in the Australian culture and in order to re-iterate this, the current messaging is to “Be Sunsmart”.

Sunsmart Victoria is another well-known organisation that works in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, Vic Health and Cancer Council to spread the message of how to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV Radiation.

They provide the public with steps of correct sunscreen application, which is a strong part of the artwork on the units.

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There is a diverse range of sunscreens available including the Active range, Everyday range, Face range and Kids sunscreens & Sports range among others. In order to accommodate different shapes and sizes of the products, we produced different styles of PDUs.

For eg, the floor stands needed to accommodate tubes as well as pump bottles, thus our in-house structural designers at Vault designed the units with multiple layouts; incorporating different inserts for each shelf. From the conceptual angle, we created an adjunct that can be easily applied on the corner of the header.

What better element than the most used accessory in Melbourne? Be it rain or shine, the umbrella is a life-saver!

One of the main issues of the towers produced earlier was that they had too many pieces and took over 20 minutes to put together. With the right structural design and materials, we were able to create towers that took less than 5mins to put up, thus optimizing the time of the field team. Another factor was that the fillers previously used in prepacks didn’t hold stock upright in some of the delivery. What we designed could be used to minimise impact of movement but also reduce packaging waste where possible. Clips and polypropylene materials used in the units can also be recycled.

POS displays offer more placement options than just shelves. They can be attached to the aisle ends, free standing, as well as on counters. Easily assembled and effortlessly manoeuvrable, display units allow for total control over placement to ensure store hot spots are targeted for specific products.

We at UPD offer a variety of Point of Sale Displays that can be fully customized to meet our clients needs. We can help you decide the best range for your products, whether that’s towers, gondolas, shelf-readys, dump bins or floor stands. From the initial design all the way to manufacturing and delivery, we control the entire process. If you’re looking for a cost-effective tool to help your brand to create impact in-store.

POS displays are a great way to showcase your brand, attract customers and highlight your current campaign or promotion. View our catalogue here and get in touch in regards to any enquiries.