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Pana Organic- A Chocolate Packaging Case Study


Everyone loves chocolate, irrespective of their age group!

In a study conducted by Kannur University, India, there were consumers who were asked to imagine a new chocolate bar that was not yet launched in the market. The purpose of this was to explore the different packaging cues that a consumer is influenced by, while purchasing a chocolate product. The 240 responses received from the group that ranged from ages 11 to 27 showed that packaging design was of the highest significance, especially in the first purchase of a chocolate product (Shekhar & P.T, 2013)

Packaging is often called as the fifth P of the marketing mix. In the chocolate industry, packaging is thus very critical. The right style and size of the carton is important as packaging defines the demand that consumers create for the brand. In terms of decision making, packaging positively affects the consumer purchase process.

In our recent project, we worked with Pana Organic to create the new Shelf Ready carton for the 15g Chocolate Bar range. The beauty of this product as stated by the brand is that it “comes from careful selection of the highest quality ingredients processed the way nature intended”.

As Pana Organic believes in the impact of the product on the earth and how to nourish their consumers with healthy food, the packaging design reflects this best practice. The artwork is done using a 4 colour print and staying true to the branding, we have used special coloured foil stamping around the carton. The style of the carton is a shelf-ready which enables the product to be transported safely, as well as serves as a display unit in-store. We incorporated a perforated opening on the shelf ready carton to ensure this double benefit of transport & display.

At Unlimited Packaging & Display, we supply a variety of shelf ready cartons, as well as foldable flat-packed boxes for food and retail items. We can produce cake boxes, confectionery boxes, retail boxes, chocolate boxes and biscuit boxes. Folding cartons and Shelf Ready cartons include simple yet stylish packaging that can be brought to life with embellishments such as foil stamping & spot gloss UV, among others. Shelf ready cartons and Folding cartons also come in different sizes and thickness, in order to accommodate your product requirements, as well as in a wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from.

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