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Post – Pandemic Packaging

How the packaging industry will emerge from the coronavirus pandemic:


We expect that changes will begin with government regulation and consumers behaviour, trickling down to products and services, and packaging.

There’s no doubt that many consumers will remain anxious, which can be seen in their purchase habits. Retailers is experiencing a surge in their online sales currently due to consumers changing their shopping behaviour.

Here are some of the trends that we have seen emerge as a result of the current environment:

Circular packaging system

Since the emergence of COVID-19, there has been a lot of attention on the role packaging plays in the daily lives of consumers. Single-use packaging has seen a high demand due to the hygiene concern and possibility of virus transmission. It is now seen as a valuable tool in making sure the product and it’s user are protected, while ensuring safety in-transit.

However, consumers are also starting to realise the impact that consumption and disposal has on the environment. This sustainably conscious attitude would then increase concern over the materials used in packaging, thus anticipating the reuse and recycled packaging.


Shopping with convenience

Although it is likely that some consumers are craving the physical shopping experience, a majority are now comfortable with e-commerce. Online shopping provides safety and convenience that has resulted in a demand for effective e-commerce packaging. Also with countries having tight regulations limiting the number of head count per square meter instore, many consumers who would normally browse at the physical store, do this online,  prior to going to a store.

Some innovative packaging techniques that have been created during this wave is anti-viral and antiseptic packaging, as well as QR codes printed that can be scanned for easy handling.

Streamlined Supply Chain

With online sales increased by over 300%, brands that have an omni-channel online strategy have increased sales across all channels: on their direct-to-consumer website as well as marketplaces.  However, this means having to go through a complex supply-chain and the package has to go through multiple hands before reaching it’s destination. Minimising the risk may mean streamlining this supply-chain by methods such as contactless deliveries. As such, packaging would need to be made using materials that can be wiped down easily and those that are able to withstand changing weather conditions.

Our global team are experts in offshore sourcing and production, with quality assurance guaranteed. Having staff members onboard across South East Asia helps facilitate each step of the supply chain and logistics process.

supply chain-02


This has become an important competitive advantage for manufacturers, particularly in the food and beverage, health and pharmaceutical markets, as it is a rich area for operational efficiencies. We understand that In the current economic climate, co-packing has become increasingly popular as a means of fulfilling large projects without taking on extra staff and equipment.

As we look to the future of a post-pandemic world, there is a great opportunity to reflect and re-imagine where your business processes are lacking efficiency and perhaps looking to improve your overall brand strategy to keep up with changing demands. Packaging can be seen as a system which impacts different elements across the value chain. A strategy that recognizes the importance of packaging could create business value and strengthen supply chain.

Our team at Unlimited Packaging and Display are experts in the field and can provide guidance in finding the right solutions you may need to come out stronger from these challenging times. We can help review your production footprint, conduct a supply chain audit for your business, and understand your packaging demand to ensure costs are low while providing a high quality of service.

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