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Packaging – Your Silent Brand Ambassador

In times where contactless is the new normal, direct-to-customer shipments acts as an ambassador of your brand. How your packaging appears, the protection it provides and the unboxing experience is just as important as the contents itself.

At UPD, as we work with our clients to develop and design their packaging, we keep the experience at top of mind. Considering every element to create not only a perfectly packaged product but brand experience.

To capture your share of this growing market, brands will need to accelerate their business processes and create personalised, engaging packaging to support growing demands, especially online.


“Creating physical connections in a digital world”


We have compiled a compact list of e-Commerce Packaging Design Trends that brands can capitalise on:

Sustainability at stake

Many consumers today are buying from brands that make sure at least some of their packaging comes from renewable, recycled, or certified sources. Not only is this good for the environment, but it shows social responsibility on the part of the brand.

Another good method to sustainability is to use “second-life packaging”. This means designing non-woven bags or boxes that can be re-purposed and it is popular with customers who care about the environment. According to the research firm Nielsen, 66% of global consumers are willing to pay a premium price for products from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.


Perfect Personalisation

A key factor is personalisation of your packaging. This includes graphic design, colours and brand identity. Innovation in design can communicate to customers what is inside the box through the right visuals. Many brands have adopted this trend to appeal to box young and older customers.

In a survey of more than 600 online shoppers about how packaging impacts consumer attitude and brand experience, it was found that 73% are more likely to make a repeat purchase if their order came with freebies and personalized messages on the packaging.

Branded Customisation

In this market, where consumers are often isolated at home, packaging may be the only physical connection your brand has with its customer!

This need for connection means that branded packaging doesn’t only make products look good, but rather used as a customer retention strategy. Brands that invest in creating a customised unboxing experience give customers a sense of involvement and shows that they are valued.



The demand for packaging, which was expanding before the pandemic, is now advancing even faster. Analysis done by Research and Markets, a global research firm, states Covid-19 will drive even further growth in global packaging production. It was seen that with physical stores closing due to the virus and consumers safely isolating in their homes, the online stores received customers in record numbers. According to the Q1 Global Shopping Index report published by Salesforce, the number of unique digital shoppers rose 40% year-over-year (YoY).

One of the concerns online merchants face are the shipping costs. They are constantly searching for ways to optimise packaging design to save space, reduce weight and thus reduce costs. The solution to this is finding the right design with minimal materials, while still protecting the contents from damage.

Packaging as a Marketing Tool

With branded packaging, every layer has become a touchpoint and thus retailers are using space that was previously wasted to advertise their brand. Custom packaging can act as a messenger for your brand and a silent opportunity to show your products to the world. Even adding a simple print such as your logo to a generic box can amplify the brand experience.

Thus, the kind of marketing messages printed on your packaging, and the materials you choose can help communicate brand values.


At UPD, we can help develop and design your e-commerce packaging, with the experience at top of mind. Considering every element to create not only a perfectly packaged product but a wholistic brand experience.

Our team are experts in the field and can provide guidance in finding the right solutions you may need to come out stronger from these challenging times. We can help review your production footprint, conduct a supply chain audit for your business, and understand your packaging demand to ensure costs are low while providing a high quality of service. Shifting from a traditionally Brick & Mortar store to an online shop can be challenging enough. We can help make the process easier by helping you choose the right branded custom packaging that can shift your packaging from not just functional to experiential!

Contact a UPD expert to learn more about how you can create a lasting impression through your e-commerce packaging: [email protected]