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Ditch the wrapping paper – Let your packaging sparkle!

The holidays are made for presents and packaging is a particularly important part of the process. To put into perspective how vital packaging is to the success of your product, 49% of customers in a recent survey agreed that branded packaging made them more excited about opening an item, whilst 44% felt that packaging served as a source of reinforcement that the brand is worth the price.

Seasonal packaging is important for every industry, from food brands to the lifestyle sector and luxury goods. Keeping the brand identity in mind, adding festive elements and getting into the Christmas spirit is a crucial way to capitalize on the opportunities that the season brings.

To avoid the last-minute frantic rush, don’t wait till the night before Christmas. Packaging should be planned in advance, be it for eCommerce brands or retailers.

What are the benefits of implementing custom seasonal packaging?

Increase sales revenue through the unique gift offering at this time of year

Take advantage of the increased year-end consumer purchase behaviour

Connect with customers by personalising your brand with festive elements

In this article, we point out key areas of focus when planning your packaging so that it embraces the seasonal spirit:

I. Tis’ the season for Sustainability

Dotcom Distribution’s 2019 consumer study states that 62% of shoppers are more likely to buy from brands who use sustainable packaging materials. Consumers are choosing brands that place a large emphasis on sustainability.

We at UPD are advocates of sustainable methods of packaging and understand that if your brand is going to the effort of creating a sustainable product, we can provide environment-friendly options for your packaging.  An innovatively designed box or bag made of post-consumer recycled materials can be beautifully embellished with a ribbon or paper handle.

Sustainable Packaging
Source: UPD Packaging Archives

Using soy-based and vegetable inks in printing also improves the recyclability of the packaging. In this way, the right sustainable packaging can help your product be picked off the shelf and be the most spoken-about item under the tree. Ultimately, this removes the need for non-recyclable wrapping paper that clogs landfills at Christmas!

II. Personal Touch

Apart from using already existing brand colours and elements in a festive design, including a note or personalised message from the brand is a great way to add a personal touch.

Christmas package unboxing
Source: Metrilo

Especially among small to mid-sized businesses, this can go a long way in generating brand loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction.

III. Premium Packaging – Wine not?

Wrap up the year with festive cheer. Gifting bottles of wine is a common option for many. Custom wine packaging can help add a splash of sparkle to your gift. Say goodbye to wrapping paper and promote gifting through a custom wine box.

Wine Packaging
Source: Seppeltsfield Wine

From wine carry packs and mailing boxes, to premium wine gift boxes, we can help you design and produce the right option for your bottle to protect it and present it neatly.

IV. Seasonal Product Promotion

Got a special Christmas gift pack in mind? A great way to increase sales is to create custom gift packs that include best-sellers. This can serve as an easy gifting solution for customers and is a great way to pack all the favourites in one box.

Custom Christmas Gift Box
Source: Innisfree

IV. eCommerce Packaging

With contactless deliveries being the new norm, many brands are shifting from in-store to online sales. The online retail landscape is built over the perspective of convenience and thus keeping the product safe in-transit is key.

eCommerce Packaging
Source: HartCo

For e-commerce, making a memorable impression is more difficult, without that human interaction. Custom designed mailing boxes can benefit in this case, by using your packaging as a silent brand ambassador. Since it is the first tactile touch point with your customer, it is more than important to make a statement with your seasonal e-commerce packaging.

VI. Minimalism

Traditionally, Christmas packaging includes bright red, green and gold, which goes with the idea of standing out. What we are used to seeing all over holiday marketing materials could be overused and no longer make a lasting impression on customers.

Cake Box
Source: Brunetti

In a season characterised by bold hues, packaging can benefit from minimalism. Elegant fonts, premium foil stamping and muted colours such as white on a natural cardboard can create a subtle but festive touch.

VII. Special Prints and Embellishment

Being associated to tinsel, metallic print is a great way to add a festive element to your brand. Many brands are moving away from stereotypical holiday visuals, but bringing metallic accents to your seasonal packaging can reflect the Christmas spirit in a tasteful, yet eye-catching manner.

Source: Laurent Bakery

Our specialty lies in custom gold, silver and copper foiling techniques that can be incorporated onto different substrates such as kraft or printed material. We can also provide elements such as ribbons, metal latches, magnetic closure, 3M peel & seal tape and more, to use in creating that perfect package!

We all relate Christmas to a pretty wrapped present under the tree, which is a universal image of the holiday season. It is a symbol of celebration and festivity, that everyone looks forward to each year. Gift-giving is one of the most sought-after activities during the season and consumers are always on the look-out for innovative packaging that catches the eye.

Looking to refresh your seasonal packaging for this year? There’s no better time than the present! Let’s begin by getting in touch with our sales team today: [email protected]